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New !! Air Fryer 7.0L

🔥 NEW 🔥 Air Fryer MAF-060!!

🔥 NEW 🔥 Milux latest version BIGGG capacity air fryer model MAF-060. With a 7.0L inner capacity that perfect to use for any occasion. It is Multi-Function air fryer use for fries, bakes, grill and roasts for your favorite meal everyday. You can even cook a whole chicken easily with the BIGGGG 7.0L frying pot with little or no oil needed 🤩. It comes with 30 Minutes Timer, Auto Shut Off with Bell Sound & Overheating Protection System, this could prevent and protect Air Fryer MAF-060. Besides, it also increase the quality and durability for this air fryer model. Full body with stainless steel color match with any interior design in your house !

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